Hello! my name is

Jacob Robinett

I like to build things.

I'm a senior at the University of Oklahoma, studying Computer Science. I'm the Apple Campus Representative for the University of Oklahoma. I also manage the uniforms for the Pride of Oklahoma.


Bachelor's of Engineering in Computer Science
University of Oklahoma

Aug. 2016 - Present

Minor in Mathematics

Aug. 2017 - Present

Work Experience

Campus Representative

May 2019 - Present

Service Delivery Specialist
Information Technology -
University of Oklahoma

Oct. 2018 - Present

Uniform Manager
the Pride of Oklahoma.

May 2019 - Present

Senior Emergency Relief Clerk
QuikTrip Co.

May 2014 - Present

Leadership Experience

Teaching Assistant
ENGR 1411- Freshman Engineering Experience

Fall 2018/2019

Kappa Kappa Psi - Delta Chapter

Jan. 2019 - Present


Relevant Course Work
CS 2614 Computer Organization
CS 2413 Data Structures
CS 3113 Intro to Operating Systems
CS 2823 Theory of Computation
CS 4263 Software Engineering 1
CS 4513 Database Management

Current Project

Computer Science Senior Capstone
OU Senior Capstone project with Power Costs, Inc.
Drone Footage
Phantom 3 rebuild & flight test footage

Featured Projects

Caffeine Tracker

An Apple Shortcut that tracks caffeine intake from popular drinks of OU students and logs the data in the iOS native Health app.
Learn More >


Personal photography and videography web portfolio for OU student photographer.
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Other Previous Projects

Drone Footage
Phantom 3 rebuild & flight test footage
Hive Wars - Hacklahoma 2019
A Java based, bee themed, card game.
3D Printer & Modeling
A log of the things i've printed on the 3D printer [Prusa i3 clone] I built.
Drone Work
I've been flying drones for 4 years now and semi-professionally for 2.

- Featured in the first Norman VR Warehouse commercial