Hello! my name is

Jacob Robinett

I like to build things.

I'm a senior at the University of Oklahoma, studying Computer Science. I'm the Apple Campus Representative for the University of Oklahoma. I also manage the uniforms for the Pride of Oklahoma.


Bachelor's of Engineering in Computer Science
University of Oklahoma

Aug. 2016 - Present

Minor in Mathematics

Aug. 2017 - Present

Work Experience

Campus Representative

May 2019 - Present

Service Delivery Specialist
Information Technology -
University of Oklahoma

Oct. 2018 - Present

Uniform Manager
the Pride of Oklahoma.

May 2019 - Present

Senior Emergency Relief Clerk
QuikTrip Co.

May 2014 - Present

Leadership Experience

Teaching Assistant
ENGR 1411- Freshman Engineering Experience

Fall 2018/2019

Kappa Kappa Psi - Delta Chapter

Jan. 2019 - Present


Relevant Course Work
CS 2614 Computer Organization
CS 2413 Data Structures
CS 3113 Intro to Operating Systems
CS 2823 Theory of Computation
CS 4263 Software Engineering 1
CS 4513 Database Management

Current Project

Computer Science Senior Capstone
OU Senior Capstone project with Power Costs, Inc.
Drone Footage
Phantom 3 rebuild & flight test footage

Featured Projects

Caffeine Tracker

An Apple Shortcut that tracks caffeine intake from popular drinks of OU students and logs the data in the Health app.
Learn More >


Personal photography and videography web portfolio for OU student photographer.
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Other Previous Projects

Drone Footage
Phantom 3 rebuild & flight test footage
Hive Wars - Hacklahoma 2019
A Java based, bee themed, card game.
3D Printer & Modeling
A log of the things i've printed on the 3D printer [Prusa i3 clone] I built.
Drone Work
I've been flying drones for 4 years now and semi-professionally for 2.

- Featured in the first Norman VR Warehouse commercial